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New Planet Cazmo Music Video

July 21, 2009

Hey Cazmos!

I made my first ever Planet Cazmo Music Video! It took me a long time but I think it payed off. It has aswome effects too. Its a song called,”S.O.S” by the Jonas Brothers.

If you wanna go to the video to comment and rate it click here.  Also you can play Planet Cazmo Soulja Boy style by clicking here. Here is what the strat up screen looks like.


I hope to see you on Planet Cazmo soon! Have fun!




Soulja Boy Concert Review

July 19, 2009

Hey Cazmos!

Did you come to the Soulja boy concert on Planet Cazmo?? It was really fun but the only thing that wasen’t that great was the Lag. Well I give it a 10/10 so 100%. It would be cool if we could get free items at concerts like a t-shirt something. Here are some images from the concert.


Here are some more.




It was great. See the Dancers on the side?? They are Magic leaning on air! 😆 I recorded a video of the concert here it is.

Soccer appeared at the concert. No Moderators came. None. Not even a single Moderator which was really weird. It would be cool if Planet Cazmo could have some  sorta band come to Planet Cazmo.

~Darthpuckie (Beta)


New Updates

July 17, 2009

Hey Cazmos!

Planet Cazmo has added more clothing and items. Mimo has gotten more out of Planet Cazmo now he has a Skateboard and a Surfboard. Mimo has had Music, Quest, and a lot of items.


I bet next Mimo will have a server named after him! 😆 Also here are the new Soulja Boy clothing items.












Next there are new shoes. There are pretty cool.


There is also a new non active character. Here is a image of him.


Also are you gonna be at the Soulja Boy concert I’m gonna be there on the server Beatstreet. Also please spread the news about this Blog. Tell your friends to comment and visit a lot. When we have 1,000 hits we will have a party.


Darthpuckie’s Excited For Soulja Boy

July 17, 2009

Hey Cazmos!

Well I just wanted to make a quick post before tomorrow.  Soulja Boy will be having a concert tomorrow. Here is the time and etc.


Are you gonna be there? I will be recording at the concert and posting it on my Youtube located here. I will be on Beatstreet. Thats pretty much all for now. Oh and here is a image of me and my bud Soulja Boy.


See ya later guys! Have fun at the party!



Darthpuckie Spotted In The Cazmo Daily Dose

July 16, 2009

Hey Cazmos!

I was playing on Planet Cazmo and I was bored so I decided to check out the newspaper so I flipped to the section were the videos are. I was watching one of Zoom’s videos and I noticed something cool. Look at this video first and see if you can find it.

Did you see me? Here is a closer look.


Click on the image then you can zoom (lol:D) in. Cool eh? Thats all for now. Also Soulja Boy will be on Planet Cazmo for the second time! Can’t wait.


Floating Glitch

July 15, 2009

Hey Cazmos!

I founed a Glitch on Planet Cazmo. I just wanted to tell you guys. Well here is what you do. Go to the Track. But first take off your car if you have one. Next walk up the the edge of the track. Click were this picture tells you to.


Then you should be floating in the picture. I will update more later. Also please check out some of the pages! Well have fun and see ya on Planet Cazmo!


Hello Planet Cazmo!

July 13, 2009

Welcome to Planet Cazmo Cheats! This is my first post on this Blog. I have experience with Blogging using Before this Blog was created I had another Blog for Club Penguin cheats Club Penguin Nation which is very successful and still being improved today. You may follow me on Twitter by clicking here. It is used for Club Penguin and Planet Cazmo. I have a Youtube also click here to subscribe to it. Used for Club Penguin and Planet Cazmo. This Blog will be updated 24/7 with the latest Planet Cazmo Cheats. Please comment your ideas! I would love to hear them.

~Darthpuckie (Beta)